60s White Lace Gown AB Rhinestones Mod


This dress carries the innocence of the 60’s verging on the power of the 70’s.  Groovy, feminine and daring all in one!

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Innocent 60s Gown

This dress carries the innocence of the 60’s verging on the power of the 70’s.  The maxi length along with the flowing ease of the outer lace sheath foreshadow  the dramatic 70’s fashion power. Innocent floral lace and charming rhinestones are 60’s design qualities. Groovy, feminine and daring all in one!

The dress is comprised of an inner sheath and an outer lace shell. The inner sheath is  simple & linear made of a synthetic satin. Fabric unknown. The outer lace shell is full floral lace. At the back and neck edge are 1 3/4″ round lace flowers that are spotted with a rhinestone center. These serve to embellish the dress and to create the unmistakable drama. There is a stiff facing edge on the lace hem which makes it flow.  The inner sheath is A-line with a back kick pleat. There is a tag that says Size 3 and a tag that reads JULIE HUNT. The zipper is acrylic. A dryclean tag is attached.

The model is a modern petite 3 or 4. She weighs 120 lbs. Key measurements:

13″ across shoulders FLAT

51″ from top to hem

32″ B 28″ W  36″ H

There are some stains to the inner sheath on the bottom and back seat. The hem itself is yellowed due to age but does have a splash stain. The stains are yellow/brown. (pics) A buyer could try to clean it by hand with possible success. If not, not to worry. There are creative fashion options. Hemmed to be mini would eliminate the sheath staining. Also, the dress could be dyed… Wouldn’t it be grand in a color?

Because of the sheath stains, I have to make the condition of this dress FAIR but really its potential to further its amazing beauty is EXCELLENT.

Sold AS IS.



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