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“Coro” Silver Tone Link Braid Bracelet

60’s and 70’s love for silver tone jewelry is shown in this chunky “Coro” bracelet.

“L and M” Carpet 3 in 1 Purse with Lucite Handle

The lucite handle and interchangeable exterior cover are two wonderful design features of this 60’s purse.  One of my favorites.

50’s Baltic Amber ‘Egg Yolk’ Beaded Necklace

The intensity of the color is its marked brilliance. Only this could be created from nature! 50’s “Egg Yolk”Baltic Amber Necklace.

50’s Wool Cardigan with Cherry Motif

The embroidered cherry motif that runs around the neck, down the front and on the sleeve cuff makes this art!  How fun.

50s Beaded Cardigan Sweater Gold Ivory

A beaded cardigan is an art piece.  Makes an outfit special just by putting one on.  Really love these.

60’s “Celebrity” Jointed Fish Necklace

 Pendant by “Celebrity” is 60’s groovy.

60’s Beaded Lace Sheath Dress

You have to evoke Jackie Kennedy when you think of this simple and elegant styled dress.  Very 60’s.

60’s Black Net with Bows

Romantic. Perfectly Pretty. Beautifully Sixties.

60’s Cocktail Dress with Daisy Lace Bodice

Audrey Hepburn style cocktail dress with empire waist and feminine floral lace bodice.  Outstanding.