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Womens Vintage Fashion captivates and completes your style. Every decade trend evolves with attitude and confidence. Get the vintage attitude. Pick a decade or wear them all!


Oh the bling! Crystal, rhinestones, turquoise and bakelite jewelry make you HAPPY. Our outstanding collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets from the 20s through the 90s celebrate sparkle.

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Vintage mens leather cool jacket


Guys, you are not forgotten. We've got your style in Cool Leather, Poly, Denim looks. Accessories, ties and cufflinks are part of our collection too!


This is the fun part of dress up, right? Shoes, purses, belts, gloves, scarves rule!  We've got it all from ART DECO to Mod and beyond!

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Blog Posts

necktie skirts school girl attitude upcycle-the remix vintage fashion

Necktie Skirts with School Girl Attitude

A necktie skirt separated the hippy from conventional same ol’. We honor these visionaries by styling this vintage find with a sweet, school girl attitude.
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mexican vintage guayabera copper jewelry tooled leather oaxaca embroidery-the remix vintage fashion

Mexican Vintage: Four Favorites to Collect

Mexican folk culture and craft influence vintage fashion with four stand outs. The Guayabera, Copper jewelry, Tooled leather and Oaxacan textiles.
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thrift store hunting du boff 50s jewelry set-the remix vintage fashion

Thrift Store Hunting, Finds and Fascinations

What starts as hunting to find buried thrift store treasure oftentimes leads to discoveries far more interesting than the piece itself.
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dress for a formal bridal-the remix vintage fashion

How Do You Dress For A Formal?

Formal and Bridal Season It’s formal season. You have somewhere to go.  You look in your closet to choose what to wear. It is the classic conundrum.  Should you dress daring or darling? The red carpet tests how far you can push the fashion envelope. What I see, is a bit less skin and more…
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just how much is the vintage fashion industry worth-the remix vintage fashion

Just How Much is the Vintage Fashion Industry Worth?

Vintage Fashion Always In Style The rules of fashion are always evolving and rapidly at that. There used to only be four fashion seasons in a year, dictated by changing weather patterns, but now there are fifty-two. These micro-seasons correspond with every passing week and are made possible by the fast fashion industry. The only…
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sequins-the remix vintage fashion

Curious About Sequins?

Sequins Adorn Everything No matter what you do this holiday, you cannot avoid an encounter with this shiny object. They adorn everything. Purses. Party Dresses. Parasols. So many sequins! So what is a sequin anyway and where did this brilliant party companion come from? Well, it appears they are directly connected to cash. From its…
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