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Womens Vintage Fashion is captivating and complete. Every decade shows the evolving attitude and confidence of women's fashion style. Get the attitude. Wear it!


Oh the bling! Crystal, rhinestones, turquoise, bakelite to make you HAPPY. All here in our outstanding collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets from the 20's through the 90's. UPCYCLE too!

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Guys, you are not forgotten. We've got the style. Cool Leather, Poly, Denim looks are part of our collection. Accessories, ties and cufflinks too!


Shoes, purses, belts, gloves, scarves! Now, this stuff is the fun part of dress up, right? We've got it all from Art Deco to Mod and beyond!

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Blog Posts

Imagination UPtitude from Upcycle-the remix vintage fashion

UPtitude: Trust Your Imagination

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso Imagination is the power of the mind to be creative and resourceful. Our imagination allows us to solve problems and conceptualize solutions. Let’s imagine our future. What will our planet be like tomorrow? What can we do to get to where we want to be? Our…
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60s fashion flapper waistline revolution-the remix vintage fashion

60s Fashion: The Waistline Revolution

  Cool, psychedelic, hip or groovy baby, the 60s rebelled against the establishment very much like the flapper generation did. And, 60s fashion showed it in the waistline. The yearning for freedom rang as style anthem for both 20s and 60s fashion. The 60s desired to explore, experience and adventure. The flapper simply wanted to…
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art deco timeless style-the remix vintage fashion

The Timeless Style Of ART DECO Fashion

“You can’t repeat the past? … Why of course you can.” F Scott Fitzgerald The GREAT GATSBY ART DECO fashion enchants us even today. The rebellious 20s generation inspired a century of art and fashion that still gets our attention.  Here are the three most cherished things about ART DECO fashion. 1/quality fabrics First of…
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crystal necklace upcycle designs-the remix vintage fashion

The Thing About Crystal

Crystal jewelry is romance. My mother wore a crystal necklace to her wedding in 1951. So it is forever imprinted on my mind as a symbol of eternal love. What is the magic of crystal? Most important to its magic is knowing its production. In the 1950s a hazing process was applied to the beads…
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Zhandra Rhodes 80s glam-the remix vintage fashion

Zandra Rhodes 80s Silk Chiffon Gown On the Rocks in Baja

Zhandra Rhodes elevates silk and chiffon to dazzling beauty. Baja California’s Pacific Ocean is an unlikely backdrop to what would be considered ‘city fashion’.  Silk chiffon, dazzling lace– and a little daring– elevate Zandra Rhodes to her magnificence and grace. https://www.remixvintage.com/product/zandra-rhodes-80s-silk-chiffon-and-lace-gown/ Catch this and other NEW ARRIVALS at Remix Vintage Fashion ONLINE.
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"40 % off Everything 40’s and Before" Sale Continues with Some New Arrivals!

“40% off Everything 40’s and Before” Sale continues through July 31st. www.remixvintage.com. New sale items have been added to our collection. The perfection in design and the excellence in craftsmanship are huge reasons to collect items from the Art Deco period. Checkout the exquisite items available at discount!  
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