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Womens Vintage Fashion captivates and completes your style. Every decade trend evolves with attitude and confidence. Get the vintage attitude. Pick a decade or wear them all!


Oh the bling! Crystal, rhinestones, turquoise and bakelite jewelry make you HAPPY. Our outstanding collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets from the 20s through the 90s celebrate sparkle.

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Vintage mens leather cool jacket


Guys, you are not forgotten. We've got your style in Cool Leather, Poly, Denim looks. Accessories, ties and cufflinks are part of our collection too!


This is the fun part of dress up, right? Shoes, purses, belts, gloves, scarves rule!  We've got it all from ART DECO to Mod and beyond!

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Blog Posts

upcycle designer doris p eagle-the remix vintage fashion

UPcycle Designer Doris P. Eagle

“I view the world with endless creative possiblities.” Doris P. Eagle Welcome to my passion. My name is Doris P. Eagle and I love the life I live. I live in La Misión, Baja California. Every day of my life I’m blessed to create in paradise. From my sewing table I look out the window…
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machine age industrial urban-the remix vintage fashion

Machine Age: Man Finds Its Heart In The Age of Metal

“The Mediator Between the Head and the Hands Must Be the Heart”. Metropolis 1927 Industrialization exploded between the two world wars. Urban centers expanded. Steel defined the landscape. And with it, grew a movement in art and in architecture tempered toward the linear and mechanical.  It was called the Machine Age. In America it was…
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restoration repurpose upcycle-the remix vintage fashion

Think Restoration Before You Repurpose

A Question for the Responsible UPcycler “Restoration is something I am exceptionally passionate about because I believe that it should extend from clothing, to housewares to homes themselves. If there are people willing to use a thing as it is, it should be left.” –Julie Bergmans Fab Gabs Vintage Co The availability of good, wearable…
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vintage clothing rappi dress 50s-the remix vintage fashion

Vintage Clothing: Why I Love It

Four Qualities To Make You Love It Too A recent sale of a favorite dress makes me think of why I love vintage clothing. This is my parting goodbye to my favorite dress. Here are four qualities that make me love vintage clothing! Affordable and size friendly for petites I started to wear vintage clothing…
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60s trends flower power-the remix vintage fashion

60s Trends Before Disco

Hippy and Mod celebrate the sweet 60s. Hippy and Mod met with a last gasp of innocence before the 70s synthetic craze and disco noise took over 60s trends. In the 70s synthetic production dominated the textile industry. Although synthetics like nylon gained prominence during the 40s, a major production shift happened in the 70s.…
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indian textile arts upcycle-the remix vintage fashion

UPcycle: Indian Textile Arts

Indian Textile adorns cotton and silk with opulent beading. The Indian Textile industry produces billions of fabric sold worldwide. As a result, it is the second highest employer in India and the second largest producer of fiber in the world. Textiles are an ancient art in India. Weaving and spinning go back 4000 years. The…
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