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Womens Vintage Fashion is captivating and complete. Every decade shows the evolving attitude and confidence of women's fashion style. Get the attitude. Wear it!


Oh the bling! Crystal, rhinestones, turquoise, bakelite to make you HAPPY. All here in our outstanding collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets from the 20's through the 90's. UPCYCLE too!

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Vintage mens leather cool jacket


Guys, you are not forgotten. We've got the style. Cool Leather, Poly, Denim looks are part of our collection. Accessories, ties and cufflinks too!


Shoes, purses, belts, gloves, scarves! Now, this stuff is the fun part of dress up, right? We've got it all from Art Deco to Mod and beyond!

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Blog Posts

indian textile arts upcycle-the remix vintage fashion

UPcycle: Indian Textile Arts

Indian Textile adorns cotton and silk with beading. The Indian Textile industry produces billions of fabric sold worldwide. As a result, it is the second highest employer in India and the second largest producer of fiber in the world. Weaving and spinning go back 4000 years in India. It is even referenced in their ancient…
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oscars 2018 red carpet fashion winners-the remix vintage fashion

Oscars 2018 Spotlights Vintage Fashion

Major Actresses Go Vintage At Oscars 2018 It’s now been over a month since the 90th Academy Awards, yet for film and fashion lovers alike, these events tend to spark several months’ worth of conversation. We debate which films and individuals should have won, analyze which celebrities wore the best outfits and occasionally make note of fun…
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follow your bliss uptitude-the remix vintage fashion

UPtitude: Follow Your Bliss

  “If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living.” — Joseph Campbell The path to true abundance is as easy as doing what you love.…
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uptitude inner goddess upcycle designs-the remix vintage fashion

UPtitude: Awaken The Inner Goddess

  “Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart.” – Kahlil Gibran The greatest source of empowerment lies deep within.   It is called the Divine Feminine Essence or The Inner Goddess. For us, it signifies the glorious awakening of the fire that burns within us the source of all…
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80s fashion lingerie cyndi lauper-the remix vintage fashion

80s Fashion: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

80s Fashion, Lingerie And Cyndi Lauper For 80s girls, Cyndi Lauper was a pop culture legend. Attracted to her quirky flamboyance, teens identified with her edgy style. Most amazing was how she powered a big look with her tiny petite frame. No longer was fashion just for the tall and glamorous.  With orange spiky hair…
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repurpose brooches upcycle designs-the remix vintage fashion

UPcycle: Repurpose Brooches

Find new uses for old brooches. If your brooches are missing stones or have broken fasteners, repurpose them into art! Brooches were designed to perform a simple function –to hold things together. Over the years, however, practicality evolved into glamour. Vanity ruled! Because of their versatility, women used them casually on a sweater or formally…
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