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50’s Beaded Box Purse with Wide Beaded Handle

Stylish beaded bags didn’t always mean evening. This beaded purse with a wide beaded handle could have been classy day wear with the proper suit or outfit.

50’s Classic Sweetheart Halter Dress with Rhinestones and Pearls Saks Fifth Ave

Adorned with swirls of rhinestones and pearls in a floral leaf scroll, the dress is super eye catching. No way YOU could hide at a party! Classic and Stunning.

50’s Pillbox Hat with Veil Black and White Classic

Stunning and simple, this hat typifies 50's style. Nothing gets more classic than BLACK and WHITE together.

60’s Orange Net with Bows

Feminine 60’s Head Covering in Orange and Velvet Flowers is whispy and romantic.

Alligator Purse

This alligator purse is so very stylish and a great deal.

Black Jet Necklace

Black jet necklace is a simply perfect look any time.

Blue Crystal AB 24″ Necklace

Calming blue in this excitable crystal necklace is a perfect accessory for both casual and evening wear.

Blue Suede and Leather Glove

Classic blue leather and suede gloves are the perfect  Fall accessory.