Gottex Sexy Glam Black Swimsuit with Rhinestones


The House Of Gottex is a high-end designer collection of swimwear and beach wear sold only at very prestigious stores. It is known for its trendy details and flattering fit. The rhinestone accent says 80’s and early 90’s GLAM.

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Gottex swimwear flatters women with design and bling.

Gottex swimwear from The House Of Gottex is high-end designer  swimwear. Known for its trendy details and flattering fit, it is sold only at  prestigious stores. Hence,  Neiman Marcus, Harrod’s and Nordstrom boast of their collections.

Most noteworthy is the plunging neckline. It ties casually around the neck. Also, an of rhinestones measure 2″ by 3/4″. They sparkle up the front of the suit. Due to the rhinestone bling,  it dates to the  80’s to early 90’s GLAM.

It measures 28″ flat from necktie to crotch bottom. It is sized IL 38 USA 8 GB 10 F 38 D 36.  70% Poly and 30% Lycra. The tag appears to be Collections as it is black with gold lettering. Made in Isreal.

The model  5′ 1″ weighs 120 lbs. She wears a modern 2P or 4.

The suit appears to have little to no wear. Therefore, it is in  EXCELLENT Condition.

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