Designer Black Silk Halter Evening Gown

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Ooh la la… Gentle ruffles, a rhinestone buckle and a halter back make this gown amazingly gorgeous.  Unknown designer. Possibly Halston.

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Halston Halter Gown expresses elegant sensuality.

Although all details point to the designer being Halston, this gown is unlabeled.

This gown was acquired from a woman who purchased only designer.  Ironically, she used to remove all her labels because she felt they were awkward and made the dress less valuable. This gown is one of those gowns.

What we do know about the gown is that it is made from a silk knit jersey which hugs and flows exquisitely.  A gentle 8″ wide ruffle follows the front of the dress from the waist and around the hem giving it a flamenco feel.  A fantastic rhinestone buckle — art deco in style –finishes off the waist with a slightly off center placement adding to its design.  The halter bodice and back are super sexy.

The gown is for someone tall and small framed.  The dress measures 30″ across the bust; 26″ at the waist and 34″ at the hips. The model wears a modern size 2 or 4. 

Due to the gown having no label, it is priced low.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 in


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