Black Wicker Handbag Lucite Handle Hemphill Wells


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Black Wicker Handbag displays classic and whimsical style.

black wicker handbag lucite handle hemphill wells-the remix vintage fashionWicker handbags signaled the beginning of spring. Especially popular in southern fashion cultures, these purses inspired whimsical dressing. This Black wicker handbag originated in a prestigious Texas department store Hemphill Wells.

Vinyl coats the black wicker finishing the exterior. Classy marbleized lucite accents the wicker. The red vinyl lining beams slick and classy. A simple zippered compartment displays the signature Hemphill Wells tag.

Made in Hong Kong, the purse measures 8″ X 8″ X 5″.

Most noteworthy, the shape of the clasp displays a scalloped 3-sided point with a twist closure. The handle resembles a horseshoe with a generous 5″ hand grip. Lucite runs across the lid seams on the top and bottom.

The red lining peeks through the wicker in a few places around the lucite on the lid seams. The lining is made of a stiff vinyl that forms the interior tightly. black wicker handbag lucite handle hemphill wells-the remix vintage fashion

Engage the summer with a wicker purse. Let the warm weather begin!


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Dimensions 6 × 9 × 8 in


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