Big E Levi Trucker Jacket 44


The famous red Levi tag is identified globally and is an iconic representation of US casual fashion.  A Big “E” Levi jacket is a rage in Europe and Japan.  Wow!

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Big E Levi Vintage Trucker Jacket for Men dictates American FASHION COOL!

Big E Levi is highly sought after around the globe. Levi Strauss is the great US denim manufacturing company. Because their denim has been manufactured for over a century, the famous red Levi tag is highly respected. Hence, Levi Strauss is USA’s iconic brand.

In the early days of manufacturing, Levi Strauss used a different type of weave.  This jacket represents this earlier denim production. And, the Big E Levi tag identifies it. Consequently, the tag and products bearing it are rare and collected.

The SZ 44 tag hangs in the seam.  The denim jacket measures 21″ from armhole to armhole. The sleeve measures  19″ from armhole to cuff.

The model is a modern size L or XL. He wears this jacket comfortably.

As a result of its little wear, it is in EXCELLENT condition.

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