40s Silk Velvet and Suede Gloves


The perfect glove makes the final accessory choice for an outfit.

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Gloves were a very important element to dress in the early to mid-century fashion.  These silk velvet gloves with suede palms and fingers are in a rich brown.  A flared wrist measuring 6 1/2″ wide appear representative of the 40’s.  A label inside reads “Daniel HAYS 8″ which probably indicates the size.  Although sized an 8, these gloves are very petite. Across the palm and the wrist  is 3 1/2″. Fingers are:pinky 1 3/4″; ring 2 1/2″; middle 2 3/4″; index 2 1/4″; thumb 2 1/4”. Excellent condition.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in


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