Jewelry is the icing on the fashion cake!

Jewelry brings your outfit into dramatic focus. Accentuate your style with a an earring, brooch or necklace. Designed for just that in mind, jewelry aims to make you the most stylish girl in the room.

Most important is the quality in craftsmanship. With decades of experience, designers found ways to bring  their craft into the homes of women. Sarah Coventry exemplifies this marketing concept. She  originated the home show. While other jewelry houses sold their pieces in stores, Sarah Coventry  sold directly in living rooms of American women. Hence, the start of  hosted shows.

Furthermore, other significant designers like Miriam Haskell sought to offer outstanding style to the middle class woman. Her pieces demonstrate the trend toward selling to the everyday woman. Her designs standout with drama but are price accessible.

Finally other amazing materials offered in our collection are Austrian and Czech crystal as well as bakelite, thermoset and rhinestones.

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