repurpose brooches upcycle designs-the remix vintage fashion

UPcycle: Repurpose Brooches

Find new uses for old brooches.

repurpose brooches upcycle designs-the remix vintage fashionIf your brooches are missing stones or have broken fasteners, repurpose them into art!

Brooches were designed to perform a simple function --to hold things together. Over the years, however, practicality evolved into glamour. Vanity ruled! Because of their versatility, women used them casually on a sweater or formally on a velvet dress.

Brooches dazzled in mesmerizing rhinestones and crystals to brighten every outfit. Consequently, women collected a bunch of them.

However, when broken many of these goodies ended up in the bottom of jewelry boxes.

Remember our UP attitude!

repurpose brooches upcycle designs-the remix vintage fashion

UPcycle purse "Lileth"

They may have lost their function but they haven't lost their sparkle. Brooches find their way in mixed media home decor projects as well as purse UPcycles.

pink floral purse art deco upcycle design-the remix vintage fashion

UPcycle a purse clasp.


Embrace the enduring allure of a brooch.  Bring them back to life as art.

Find your UPtitude!

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  1. pearl on April 24, 2018 at 8:12 pm

    What a great way to take my pins out and see them with these.upcycled ideas!
    Love your site.
    I’m a.big fan

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