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The Thing About Crystal

Crystal jewelry is romantic and perfect. My mother wore a crystal necklace to her wedding in 1951. So it is imprinted on my mind as a symbol of love.What is the magic of crystal?

Especially relevant is the understanding of the production. In the 1950s Aurora Borealis- a hazing process- was added to the production.  Created by the Swarovski Company in the 1950’s hazing added an extra radiance to each bead. The ‘hazing’ process was purely scientific. However, the shimmering result dazzled lackluster consumers with a beautiful fascination.  It became one of the most popular jewelry materials of the era.

So, why the magic? The spontaneity. On any given moment when the planets align and the light is just right, shades of violet, magenta, amber and aqua spontaneously combust. As a result, unmatched brilliance shimmers on every wearer like magic.

Ok, I’m enchanted. Are you?

50s AB (Aurora Borealis) crystal  ranks as one of the most collected vintage jewelry finds. Take a look at this choker.

UPCYCLED by Doris P. Eagle, Remix Vintage Fashionthe choker is comprised of pieces that have been carefully saved over the years. The magic is that all the pieces are gathered in a new and modern look. An earring which was missing its pair becomes the front cluster. Also, a line of vintage beads drip from at the neck to create modern and whimsical movement.

The magic? Versatility. AB Crystal can be worn casually or formally. The luminous quality accents every outfit.


50’s AB Crystal Choker UPCYCLE Design by Doris P. Eagle
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