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70-80’s Blue Sequin Butterfly Disco Top

Ooh la la! The SASS and GLAM of the disco era are represented in this butterfly sequin top.

70-80’s Pink and Silver Sequin Top

Sparkle and glitz went hand and hand with 70 and 80’s fashion.

70s Sequin Knit Disco Jacket

Saturday Night Fever! This jacket is sexy and ready to move. Don’t forget this amazing jacket when hitting the dance floor. 70s!

80’s Spectacular Geometric Mod Designer Glitz Earrings

The 80’s were all about GLAM. Sparkle on with style and class!

Stretchy Disco Sequin Halter Top

Sexy. Sassy. Sequin top. Disco and all ready to party! 70-80’s.

Whiting and Davis Mesh Belt

Slinky. Swanky. Shiny. Whiting and Davis mesh belt exemplifies a fast and energetic time in 70’s fashion. It commands the dance floor…