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50’s Beaded Purse Walborg Made in Belgium

The detail work and quality satisfied a generation of women who reveled in the beauty of fashion and elegance. WALBORG Made by hand in Belgium. Perfect!

50’s Glamorous Brass Filigree Caramel Lucite Box Purse

The FIFTIES box design conveys class and elegance. Its filigreed metal perforates the body of the purse allowing for light to enter. Mysterious. Caramel colored lucite lid. How YUMMY!

50’s Leslie James Derby with Veil Bullocks Wilshire

A voluminous brown veil drapes over the top of the derby cascading to each side meant to wrap around the face. The veil creates the seductive quality to the design. LESLIE JAMES

50’s Navy and White Hat

Certainly a touch of class.  Who needs the veil?

50’s Pillbox Hat with Veil Black and White Classic

Stunning and simple, this hat typifies 50's style. Nothing gets more classic than BLACK and WHITE together.