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20’s Luxurious Silk Velvet and Ermine Gown

Black velvet has a sophistication with no substitute. Classic. Bold. Luxurious. It defined turn-of-the-century and Art Deco fashion. Swanky and Cool.

40’s Pink Lace Gown

Opulent pink scalloped lace serves to make elegance feminine and fantastic in this ART DECO gown. Softly ELEGANT.

50’s “Rappi”Designer Strapless Full Skirt Print Dress

The ‘Rappi’ label appears in dresses that show impeccable style and quality. The label, sewn inside the full skirt, could be overlooked. But the amazing style and grace of this dress could never be!

50’s Classic Sweetheart Halter Dress with Rhinestones and Pearls Saks Fifth Ave

Adorned with swirls of rhinestones and pearls in a floral leaf scroll, the dress is super eye catching. No way YOU could hide at a party! Classic and Stunning.

60’s Beaded Lace Sheath Dress

You have to evoke Jackie Kennedy when you think of this simple and elegant styled dress.  Very 60’s.

60’s Cocktail Dress with Daisy Lace Bodice

Audrey Hepburn style cocktail dress with empire waist and feminine floral lace bodice.  Outstanding.

60’s White Lace Gown AB Rhinestones Mod

This dress carries the innocence of the 60’s verging on the power of the 70’s.  Groovy, feminine and daring all in one!

70-80’s Halter Cocktail Dress Ricki Lang for NUIT I.Magnin

A little 20’s with the dropped waist; a little 50’s with the opulent skirt and a little 70’s with the halter bodice– this cocktail dress spans the centuries to bring you fabulous sex appeal.

70’s Bill Blass Glamorous Black Silk Dress with Rhinestones

Bill Blass transferred his awe of luxury to the fashion world. During a time in fashion when ‘glam’ was not popular, he gave the 70’s a “glamorous style.” Simple. Sexy. Stylish.