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“Castlecliff” Tri-Ring Rhinestone Pendant

A Castlecliff pendant will make any wearer look stunning. Dramatic design.

“Coro” Silver Tone Link Braid Bracelet

60’s and 70’s love for silver tone jewelry is shown in this chunky “Coro” bracelet.

“Freirich” Bead and Filigree Bracelet

Classy shades of gold, ivory and taupe punctuate this very dramatic wide bracelet.

20’s Flapper Red Bead Lariat

A lariat is very graceful. Looped, tied or simply draped, a lariat is an easy jewelry essential. FLAPPER

20’s Jet Long Flapper Necklace

Jet is a highly fashionable gemstone that carries much historical relevance. Deeply connected to grief and mourning, jet expressed a deep sense of solemnity and with it a dignified grace.

50’s “Vendome” Gold Cluster Clip Earrings

Signed “Vendome” goldtone cluster earrings are basic elegance and style.

50’s AB Crystal Choker UPCYCLE Design

There is nothing more dramatic than the sparkle of AB crystal against your skin. Versatility is one of its amazing qualities. AB crystal is an outstanding jewelry source. DORIS P. EAGLE Upcycle Design

50’s Baltic Amber ‘Egg Yolk’ Beaded Necklace

The intensity of the color is its marked brilliance. Only this could be created from nature! 50’s “Egg Yolk”Baltic Amber Necklace.

50’s Lilly Clip Earrings

50’s simple lilly clip earrings are simple yet provocative.