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Rhinestone Clip Earrings

Rhinestone clip earrings sparkle and shine.

Rockmount Western Shirt Ladies SZ 34

A two tone solid ivory fabric fuses the vanity of western fashion with the a rugged practicality of the WEST.  Flirty yet sensible… you know, COWGIRLS!

Southwest Bead Necklace Native American

The power of native American jewelry is experienced through its dramatic use of pattern and color.  Impressive piece.

Stretchy Disco Sequin Halter Top

Sexy. Sassy. Sequin top. Disco and all ready to party! 70-80’s.

Tori Richard 70’s Hawaiian Halter Dress

Tori Richard is a Honolulu fashion house noted for their expressive tropical, floral patterns. The whispy watercolor print shows the multi-culture influence in Hawaii. The back just says SEXY.

Turquoise Necklace

A touch of the Southwest inspires faith in the calming spirit of nature. Beautiful!

Velveteen Bloomingdale Coat

“Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Coat …

Whiting and Davis Mesh Belt

Slinky. Swanky. Shiny. Whiting and Davis mesh belt exemplifies a fast and energetic time in 70’s fashion. It commands the dance floor…