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The Timeless Style Of ART DECO Fashion

“You can’t repeat the past? … Why of course you can.” Scott Fitzgerald The GREAT GATSBY ART DECO fashion enchants us even today. The rebellious 20s generation inspired a century of art and fashion that still gets our attention.  Here are the three most cherished things about ART DECO fashion. 1/quality fabrics First of all, […]
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Crystal Choker jewelry Upcycle Designs-Remix Vintage Fashion

The Thing About Crystal

Crystal jewelry is romantic and perfect. My mother wore a crystal necklace to her wedding in 1951. So it is imprinted on my mind as a symbol of love.What is the magic of crystal? Especially relevant is the understanding of the production. In the 1950s Aurora Borealis- a hazing process- was added to the production.  […]
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Zhandra Rhodes 80s vintage clothing -remix vintage fashion

Zandra Rhodes 80’s Silk Chiffon Gown On the Rocks in Baja

Baja California’s Pacific Ocean is an unlikely backdrop to what would be considered ‘city fashion’.  Silk chiffon, dazzling lace– and a little daring– elevate Zandra Rhodes to her magnificence and grace. http://www.remixvintage.com/product/zandra-rhodes-80s-silk-chiffon-and-lace-gown/ Catch this and other NEW ARRIVALS at Remix Vintage Fashion ONLINE.
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rockabilly cowgirl snap western country

We Got Lots of ‘Sass With Class’ in our New Arrivals!

Having fun at The Remix Online adding some edge to some traditional looks making them SASSY yet CLASSY! For both formal and fun fashion this holiday, checkout our NEW ARRIVALS  for your playtime and parties.
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blue bead bib necklace - remix vintage clothing

New Arrivals for Fall featuring Decade Looks

Checkout our latest NEW ARRIVALS just in time for the holidays. Beautiful fashion accessories and timeless fashion pieces to spice up your Fall entertaining and Partying! http://www.remixvintage.com/product-category/new-arrivals/ http://www.remixvintage.com/product-category/new-arrivals/ http://www.remixvintage.com/product-category/40s-and-before/ http://www.remixvintage.com/product-category/60s-2/ http://www.remixvintage.com/product-category/70s-2/  
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“40 % off Everything 40’s and Before” Sale Continues with Some New Arrivals!

“40% off Everything 40’s and Before” Sale continues through July 31st. www.remixvintage.com. New sale items have been added to our collection. The perfection in design and the excellence in craftsmanship are huge reasons to collect items from the Art Deco period. Checkout the exquisite items available at discount!  
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“40% Off Everything ’40’s and Before” Sale through July 31st

Take 40% off “Everything 40’s and Before” Sale. We celebrate the beauty of Turn of the Century to 40’s fashion by offering this fantastic sale.  It is a super opportunity to purchase pieces with the original style, quality and craftsmanship that inspire modern fashion. Here are some of our favorites:           […]
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New Arrivals! “Call In Spring Sale” 20% off Everything Floral

It is the last week of our “Call In Spring 20% Off  Everything Floral Sale”.  Purses, jewelry and apparel that call in spring are 20% off!  Lots of new 80’s glitz earrings that brighten your life and make way for spring. New Arrivals! Some are on sale. Go ahead. Call in spring!      
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“Call in Spring” 20% off Everything Floral Sale

“Call in Spring” with our 20% off Everything Floral Sale  Choose from a wide selection of dresses, separates,  accessories, jewelry and home decor. Flowers can’t help but make us happy! Let’s attract the warmth and newness of Spring with something happy and floral. Take 20% off everything floral.  Sale through March 31st.  
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